[ Me ]

Academic education: computer programming and cultural managment.

I'm a nerd! loves book, music, learning and new think.

I'm not professional designer, but i like mixing design. yep! i'm amateur in design, science and other thing.

Field of work: planning and cultural research, knowledge management, archive, content management, content strategy, data journalism and data visualization.

Skill: gephi, nodxl, jvector, html, SEO, wordpress, office soft, photoshop, charting, researching, writing, editing and some.

Personal notes

[ Project ]

Darwinday: persian collection contents and article about evolution and darwinism. since 2011.

Infovis: infographics and data visualization based on cultural data. since 2012.

We, Persian: About iranian culture and who we are. since 2013

Mass of Mass: Act I, The Book. since 2014 (soon).

and other work: Nowrooz Map, Map of World Heritage in Iran, World Economic Outlook 2013, Banned Book Nodes Culture Keywords, Darwin 2013, Darwin Timeline, Dr. Behzad Issue, Title Trends (DEMO)